Publications & Speaking

Design  publications

  1. The Effective Product Designer, book chapter “Habits for Managing Up” with Artiom Dashinsky (forthcoming)
  2. Modus, “The Bright Light of the Internet
  3. The Startup, “Humans First: Strategies for Leading Remote Design Teams
  4. Offscreen Magazine, “Processed
  5. A List Apart, “Design Criticism and the Creative Process
  6. The Pastry Box Project, “Macro-Micro Design Strengths
  7. Smashing Magazine, “Forget the Job Title and Start Designing for Digital Products
  8. Smashing Magazine, “Designers and Developers Playing Nice
  9. Distance, “The Embedded Designer”
  10. Medium, “Losing Myself: An Experiment in Finding Confidence
  11. .net Magazine
  12. Web Designer Depot
  13. AIGA Voice
  14. Explore Create Repeat (now Format magazine)
  15. Six Revisions
  16. Freelance Switch
  17. Net Tuts
  18. Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
  19. Rhetoric and Experience Architecture, “Mozilla & Curriculum Design”

Literary publications

  1. Seaside Gothic, “Into the Water”
  2. Exposition Review, Lines issue, “These Tenuous Things” 
    Nominated for Best of the Web and Nina Riggs Poetry Award
  3. Fulminare Review, “The Last of the Tangerines”
  4. Sweet Tooth, Body Politic issue, “Why is the Stanley Cup so Big”
  5. Cider Press Review, Toronto, Texas
  6. New Note Poetry, “The Sound of Someone Staying”
  7. Messy Misfits Club, “I Tell Myself not to Worry”
  8. Sylvia, “Sure”
  9. Capsule Stories, summer 2021 Second Isolation Edition, “The Heat”
    Nominated for Best American Short Stories
  10. Capsule Stories, autumn 2021 Dancing With Ghosts Edition, “Surface”
  11. Human Parts, How to Give Away a House
  12. P.S. I Love You, The Welland Canal” and “Don’t the Years

Mangrove Review
Used Furniture Review
Commuter Lit
Ferocious Quarterly, Be Prepared Edition
Beto’s Burrito picture book
Canadian Voices
Split Quarterly
The Rumpus Readers Series
Negative Suck
One Forty Fiction
Paper Boat Odyssey
Labour of Love
Live Small Town


  1. Remote Design Week, “Soft Brutalism & the Era of Weird & Wonderful”
  2. An Event Apart, “The Last 10%”
  3. Made by Few , “The Small Town Complex”
  4. Smashing Conf, NYC, “And you may ask yourself, how did I get here?”
  5. Gather North, “What the Bosses Never Told You”
  6. HXD Conf, Boston, “The Embedded Designer”
  7. An Event Apart, “Trees for the Forest”
  8. Glenhyrst Art Gallery, “Jane & Jury”
  9. Design Meets, Toronto, “Design & Social Consciousness”
  10. Pecha Kucha, Toronto, “Beto’s Burrito, a Kickstarter Story” & “Design Criticism and the Creative Process”
  11. Medicine 2.0, Harvard, Boston, “The Embedded Designer”
  12. HOW Interactive Design Conference, Chicago
  13. North by Northeast Interactive, Toronto, “Women && Tech”

Interviews & Press

  1. UX Collective’s Guide to Design
  2. User Defenders podcast, “Pick Yourself”
  3. Ways We Work, with Cassie McDaniel, Design Director
  4. An Event Apart, “A Passion for Community”
  5. Claire She Goes podcast, with Cassie McDaniel & Mark Staplehurst
  6. Live recording of User Defenders at An Event Apart
  7. Voice Mag, “Want My Job?”
  8. Enterprise Adoption, “Toughest Enterprise App UI questions”
  9. The Great Discontent short, “Are You Creatively Satisfied?”
  10. Women Talk Design
  11. Quite Strong

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