I was asked to participate in Old & New, a designer-led project asking illustrators to reimagine the stories of the Old Testament. I was tasked with the story of Jepthah who sacrificed his daughter after bargaining with God to win a war. Proceeds from poster sales benefitted Blood Water Mission.

Featured on Drawn, Go Media zine, and Super Punch

My role: Illustration
Client: Old & New Project

"Jephthah’s story is one of the most horrific, confusing, awful, complicated and controversial of any of these first round of Old & New passages. Cassie’s interpretation was not at all what we expected, but it seems like every time we came back to it we found her design even more perfect than anything we might have imagined. Simple, challenging and honestly pretty creepy."

–Troy Deshano and Jim LePage, founders Old & New Project

Orlando, Fla.