Mozilla’s Kenya Research Report

Mozilla conducted a year of research across Kenya to understand how coming online for the first time is impacting lives and people’s perception of technology. At the end of this process the team needed something to hold in their hands and present to funders. The final product was a 75 page report designed in under two weeks – a process that led to more than one typo – but we did it! My time at Mozilla and familiarity with the material made this possible.

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My role: Graphic design
Client: Mozilla Foundation
Stepping into Digital Life final cover
Stepping into Digital Life, initial cover An initial cover concept set the tone for the rest of the publication. Patterns were inspired by geometric shapes in traditional Kenyan textiles, only broken with tiny illustrated devices. A “stepping” typographic treatment reinforces the title of the report and colors were pulled from Mozilla’s new brand direction.
Orlando, Fla.