MozFest event guide

Mozilla’s annual festival for celebrating the Open Web changed quite a bit during my tenure at the Foundation. While I was there my team contributed to the rapid maturation of the event brand, working for the first time on stage graphics and wayfinding within the nine floor venue. This was some feat considering the nature of the event is to actively resist any static attachment to a uniform style or schedule. Early on, in the true spirit of Mozilla, we celebrated the challenging “interactive” element of the festival in our print collateral by creating hackable posters.

After I left Mozilla, it was a pleasure to work with the team again to create the Mozfest Event Guide and attendee swag, an effort symbolic of Mozilla’s greater understanding of how design could help the org grow its impact. Prior to this event guide, Mozfest had never had a schedule before. Type A’s everywhere rejoice!

My role: Art direction, Graphic design
Client: Mozilla Foundation
Orlando, Fla.