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County of Brant Tourism campaign

Working with our local Tourism and Economic departments Jane & Jury developed a campaign brand and accompanying collateral including a visitor’s map, a logo with style guide, an event guide, and video work. I was primarily responsible for the detailed brand, illustration and graphic design work and involved in the videos as a  producer.

My role: Identity, graphic design, illustration, video producer
Client: County of Brant Economics & Tourism Dept.


A bold graphic campaign had never been done in the County before, and it was important that it was recognized as a single campaign. With collatoral released over the course of the year and in locations spread over a large geographic area, the brand identity was an important piece that would serve to unite all the materials.

The initial campaign direction began quite bold. It was a drastic departure from what had previously been seen across Brant County, a small, conservative community. The electric colors were ultimately dialed back to safer blue hues while attempting to maintain the energy and confidence captured at the outset.

Orlando, Fla.