• Mozilla Foundation / Working as Design Director with people who give a damn
  • Small digital agencies / Bounced from Florida to England to Canada as an immigrant, finally settling in Paris, Ontario
  • Toronto General Hospital / Designed complex health apps to help patients self-manage their chronic diseases
  • Kickstarter / Made a children's book with my estranged father before he passed away
  • 30 Days / Painted 30 portraits in 30 days of my family down in Florida
  • Found / Built a colour wheel sculpture inviting Lake Erie beachgoers to pick up trash
  • Women && Tech / Founded Women&&Tech, a Toronto group telling stories of local women doing great things
  • Paris Lectures / Created Paris Lectures, a small-town event series centred around creativity
  • Jane & Jury / Currently building Jane & Jury, a design collaboration with my partner, Mark Staplehurst

Writing & Speaking

I've published design articles in A List Apart, .net Magazine, Offscreen Magazine, The Pastry Box Project, Smashing Magazine, Distance and others. I've also had creative writing published in several small journals. I tend to write about what interests me at the time.

I've spoken at An Event Apart, HOW Interactive Design Conference, SmashingConf, North by Northeast Interactive, Made by Few, and others in Boston, D.C., Toronto, Chicago, NYC and London, UK. If you're interested in me speaking at your event, give me a shout.